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Not everyone who attends our spiritual center becomes a member. Those who wish to further their spiritual growth in the Unity tradition and dedicate themselves to study and sharing may wish to become a member.

Here are 3 reasons to become a member:

1. It affirms your commitment to your spiritual growth.
Membership is one way to make a visible statement that you believe in the spiritual principles that Unity embraces, and that you are committed to applying those principles in your own life. Our membership dedication includes the statement,  “I express my commitment through … dedicating myself to prayer and always seeking to live a spiritually centered life.”

2. It affirms your commitment to our spiritual community.
A commitment is the basis for all effective aspects of society: marriage, partnerships, employment, citizenship and friendship. A commitment promises accountability … and that’s part of belonging to a family or community. Becoming a member holds a promise that you will provide love, support and encouragement when other members need it … and that you can count on them to provide you with the same. By becoming members we’re telling one another that we’re in this together for the long term, and that we’re dedicated to helping one another flourish and grow.

3. You join with a wider, stronger, unified consciousness of spirituality.
Jesus said,”Wherever two or more are gathered, there am I in the middle of them.” When we join our faith, prayer, joy, energy and purpose together, we magnify the power and presence of Spirit. We synergize our energy and intention. Membership marks your dedication to sharing that consciousness of love, and to serving as a channel through which God’s blessings can flow to and through you to your loved ones, our community and the world.

So if becoming a member intrests you then go to our contact us page to request information or call us.



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